Category: Motor Drivers

MOONS’ Integrated Motor for Better Package Handling on Conveyor

MOONS’ customized an integrated stepper motor package that offered a single motion control solution for an innovative conveyor system that saved on space, wiring, and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. Capable of handling packages in a variety of configurations, the innovative conveyor system needed a motor and actuator assembly that could position as rapidly […]

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Application Demo – XYZ Gantry

XYZ Gantry Demo Submitted by on Thu, 2018-10-25 16:29 The XYZ gantry demo features 4 sets of Step-Servo drives and motors running coordinated motion in three axes. There are two motor and drive sets on the X and X’ axes, one on the Y axis, and a fourth on the Z axis. The synchronized motion […]

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Application Demo for Multi-Axis Pick-and-Place

Multi-Axis Pick-and-Place Demo Submitted on Thu, 2018-10-25 16:31 The multi-axis pick-and-place demo includes 9 axes of motion and highlights our capabilities in a number of ways. The demo includes at least one type of motor from each of our four primary product categories: Step-Servo motors, stepper motors, servo motors, and BLDC motors. The 9 axes of […]

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Application Demo for Automated Guided Vehicle Drive Assembly

AGV Drive Assembly Demo The AGV drive assembly demo highlights one of the solutions we have created specifically for mobile robots and AGVs. The assembly shown in the video is for a traction drive wheel and consists of an integrated servo motor, planetary gear-head, and drive wheel mounted directly to the gear-head’s output flange. Integrated […]

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Connect MOONS’ Stepper Motor and Drive Easily

Today, we bring MOONS’ Stepper Motor and MOONS’ micro-step driver. SR4-Plus drive features advanced micro-stepping performance and sophisticated current control with anti-resonance. Anti-resonance electronically damps motor and system resonances, which improves motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range. Each SR4-Plus step motor drive operates in either Step & Direction or Pulse/Pulse control mode. Selecting between these […]

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