Author: Kevin Duan

What’s the Advantages of MOONS’ Linear Stepper Motors?

With the development of science and technology, automation has been applied more and more in industry. When designing automation equipment, various factors must be considered, including production line layout, installation environment, easy maintenance, transmission accuracy, wiring configuration, control system, etc. This means that it takes a lot of time to select motors and other mechanical […]

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New Design Non-captive Linear Stepper Motors

Hello, every one.  We are here in the MOONS’ Lab, and pleased to introduce our newly designed Non-captive linear stepper motors. We call it our LNSM series, it is a patented, external Anti-backlash nut type. This nut design provides high repeatability and excellent concentricity, it is easy to maintain and easy to replace the nuts. And there are different […]

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