Lighting Tower wth LED driver
MOONS’ LED Drivers in Lighting Tower

Nowadays, most of the industries push their work at nights to complete their projects and production processes on or before the scheduled time. Also, many activities and operations pertaining to the military, homeland security and mining happen at nights or low visibility conditions in hard-to-reach places and remote locations where power supply is unsatisfactory and inadequate. However, working late at nights is now easy and safe using light towers, it relied on its high reliability, maximum safety, easy operation, and simple maintenance, etc., are suitable for varies applications like construction site, mining filed, rental business, public equipment service, accident handling, large-scale event, homeland defense disaster relief and so on.

As for lighting equipment, the LED driver is one of the important components for the lighting tower. MOONS’ outdoor LED drivers are suitable for lighting owing to those points below.

  • The wide input voltage, 90~305 VAC. Stable output regardless of low input power form engine.

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof, UL certification wire. Best choice for fieldwork.

  • With the fan-less design, the entire series is able to operate for -40℃~+90 ℃ case temperature under free air convection. 
  • Programmable function (Partnering with the MSSL200, optional). Setting the outputs parameters whatever the customer required.
LED Lighting Technology Programmable Function

For more information about MOONS’ outdoor LED drivers build into a lighting tower, please click the MOONS’ General Drivers.