KSS+MOONS’ High-speed 4-axis pick and place unit provides linear motion of the XYZ axis, Z-axis rotation and vacuum function, achieve compact high-speed motion system design

The system uses the following two main products:

  • MOONS’ TSM Step-Servo motor as a closed-loop stepping product, which realizes precise position control on multiple motion axes, effectively replacing some servo motor applications.

  • KSS belt drive types VZθ Actuator which is combined Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP) and Stepping Motor. Multi-function, Linear (Z), Rotary (θ; Theta) and Vacuum (V), is available with one Unit.


X-axis and Y-axis Travel : 142mm

Speed(MAX.) : 600mm/sec

Z-axis Travel : 37.5mm

Speed(MAX.) : 500mm/sec 

θ axis Movable Range : ±360°

Speed(MAX.) : 25rps

About KSS
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