Month: April 2019

Precise Spur Gearboxes for your application

Spur gearboxes utilize gears with parallel input and output shafts. They can be single- or multiple-stage gears. Multiple output shafts are possible, and even a co-axial output can be implemented. The transmission of torque takes place via straight-cut (spur) or helical (dry fixed) gears. In most cases, the housings are made of aluminum in order to […]

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Advantages of stepper motors with gearbox

The gearbox is a device that realizes the shifting effect by the meshing of the large and small gears and is widely used in industrial automation. Generally, a large gear is mounted on the low-speed shaft of the gearbox, and a small gear is mounted on the high-speed shaft, and the acceleration or deceleration can […]

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