MOONS’ customized an integrated stepper motor package that offered a single motion control solution for an innovative conveyor system that saved on space, wiring, and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions.

Capable of handling packages in a variety of configurations, the innovative conveyor system needed a motor and actuator assembly that could position as rapidly as the analog control system updating target position every 4 msec. In addition, the motor needed to have the flexibility to address changing requirements for alignment, sorting, and simulation for different industry applications such as food processing, beverage handling, baking and industries.

MOONS’ designed the STM/SWM integrated stepper motorpackage with the efficient and flexible positioning needed by the conveyor system. Combining a motor, drive and control in one package, the STM/SWM incorporates an encoder with capabilities for automatic stall detection and prevention. The built-in encoder provides feedback to the integrated controller on the motor’s actual position and closes the feedback loop to avoid limitations associated with stepper systems.

Q Programmer motion control software incorporated into the STM/SWM integrated stepper motor package enables easy configuration of motor operation to match requirements of different conveyor applications. Onboard EtherNet/IP communications of the integrated stepper motors replace noisy analog control signals with a digital signal, eliminating the need to run long signal wires from as many as 100 motors to a central PLC and allowing the conveying equipment to perform at high speeds with high precision not affected by noise. For more information, visit