Month: February 2019

Stepper Drives and PowerPlus Motors from MOONS’ Industries

To upgrade machine performance or solve stalling problems, manufacturers often redesign motors with greater torque to reach greater accelerations for proper operations. Retrofitting a stepper motor, however, is time-consuming and expensive event, as it requires machining new mounting brackets and increasing the drive size and power supplies. PowerPlus Hybrid Stepper Motors from MOONS’ Industries eliminate the hassles […]

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0-10V Dimming Basics and Troubleshooting

1.  What is 0-10V? In dynamic lighting control applications, “0-10” describes the use of an analog controller to adjust the voltage in a 2-wire bus connecting the controller to one or more LED drivers equipped with a 0-10VDC dimming input. That is one of the earliest and simplest electronic lighting control signaling systems; simply put, […]

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The Basic Types of Linear Stepper Motors

As a compact linear actuator, linear stepper motors are often used to realize linear motion or linear reciprocating motion. The main principle is through the screws and nuts meshing, adopting some method to prevent screws and nuts relative rotation, to achieve the linear movement of the mechanism. The purpose of this paper is to introduce […]

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