Integration in motion control is a truism that we know. By integrated here, we mean that a range of components are integrated into the motor. In fact, most manufacturers offer stepper or servo motors with some level of built-in controls.

Such systems are often dubbed integrated motors. As for what exactly is integrated, there can be a range of components so that an integrated motor can include the motor itself along with any combination of a drive, controller, or encoder. At MOONS’, we provide integrated stepper motorsintegrated step-servo motors and integrated servo motors for your choices.

The benefits of integration are well known. They include the fact that they make for a more compact unit and eliminate the need for cables between the motor and drive, which simplifies installation and also lowers the overall system cost. The tight integration of controls with the motor and other components makes for a compact design, with the ability to fit into smaller spaces but also pack more into that same space than before. Another benefit of these systems is the elimination of control cabinets, with the control itself being distributed and local at the motor itself.

Integrated Stepper Motor

The kinds of options can mean which functions are included in the controls. For example, this includes basics like the number of inputs and outputs as well as signal types (analog or digital.) Other common options may include the type of control, such as current of speed control, position control, and command language.

Other options can include specific control functions such as PID loop control, program execution, I/O control and communication options such as whether the controller operates as a stand-alone controller or connected into a network with other controllers.

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