MOONS’ has released new Add On Instructions (AOI) for Rockwell Automation’s RSLogix 5000 software to better control industrial devices and motion control components over EtherNet/IP networks. The new Add On Instructions increase the capabilities of MOONS’ drives and integrated motors within the RSLogix 5000 environment, supporting a faster and easier integration into PLC projects.

Most of the new AOIs use implicit messaging, known as I/O messaging or polling, that simplify sending commands to the drive while making data received from the drive more PLC-friendly. The AOIs also reduce communications overhead to lighten the work required to integrate motors and drives into new and existing PLC programs. MOONS’ specifically designed these free AOIs for motor and drive users to take advantage of its latest EtherNet/IP firmware.

MOONS’ offers a range of integrated motors and drives compatible with popular Rockwell PLCs such as ControlLogix and CompactLogix. Many of these products also feature dual-port Ethernet connections for easy integration into a variety of network topologies. Products include:

·         Step-Servo Integrated Motors: SSM, TSM and TXMseries

·         Stepper DrivesST5ST10 and STAC5 series

·         Integrated Stepper Motors: STM and SWM series

·         M2 Servo Drives

TSM series integrated step-servo motor

For a full list of integrated motors and drives that incorporate EtherNet/IP network communications, the widely used industrial protocol for manufacturing automation applications, refer to the website at