The Basic of Smart Lighting System

——DALI Dimming System

Speaker: Jiaqi Chen, General Manager, MOONS’ Japan

Today I will introduce the basic construction of the DALI Lighting System. The system consists of LED drivers, lighting fixtures, controllers, dimmers and computers.

However, the architecture lighting system in a real project is more complicated than this basic system.

There are three images of light fixtures shown, they include LED drivers, controllers, dimmers, and computers.

The DALI controller, or DALI router, from HELVAR, connects to a computer through Ethernet bus.

The dimming signal line is connected to LED driver dimming port. And DALI dimmer is parallel connects to the signal line.

The black wires are AC input line. The DC output wires are on the other side of the LED driver.

This is a single channel LED driver. And this is dual channels LED driver that can control two fixtures respectively.

That is basic devices of DALI lighting system.

So, how do you control and dim light? I would introduce HELVAR dimming software to you.

We drag the sliding block on the software interface to control the light, or we can twist dimmer knob.

That is all about a simple DALI system. Shown is the lighting fixture, LED driver, controller,

and dimmer. It is convenient for us to control light and gradually be used in various lighting applications.

Thanks for your watching!