Today, we bring MOONS’ Stepper Motor and MOONS’ micro-step driverSR4-Plus drive features advanced micro-stepping performance and sophisticated current control with anti-resonance. Anti-resonance electronically damps motor and system resonances, which improves motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range.

Each SR4-Plus step motor drive operates in either Step & Direction or Pulse/Pulse control mode. Selecting between these two modes is done by moving a jumper located under the cover of the drive. Each SR4-Plus drive can micro-step up to 25,000 steps/rev with a 1.8º step motor (1/125 step), and can even micro-step the step motor when the command pulses are low resolution. This feature is called Micro-step Emulation. All drive setup is done via dip switches on the side of the drive, including motor selection, running current, idle current, and step resolution.

SR4-Plus is RoHS compliant and CE certified. Matching step motors and DC power supplies are also available.