Hello, every one.  We are here in the MOONS’ Lab, and pleased to introduce our newly designed Non-captive linear stepper motors. We call it our LNSM series, it is a patented, external Anti-backlash nut type. This nut design provides high repeatability and excellent concentricity, it is easy to maintain and easy to replace the nuts. And there are different nuts types to best suit the application. This new MOONS’ product has much better performance than the last generation. The most remarkable point of LNSM series is its Anti-backlash nut. This nut is specially designed by MOONS’ and is protected by our global patents. Most applications need a long working life of a product.  And for a linear stepper motor, the smoothness of movement will influence its working life a lot.  MOONS’ LNSM nuts have excellent concentricity and smooth operation.  How to measure the concentricity? The runout test demo would help to explain. 

A small shaft runout value means the motor running smoothly with good concentricity.  Normally the runout value of a linear motor with the traditional design is 100~200 micrometers. But the performance of LNSM series is much better, only 10~20 micrometer! 

LNSM series are very easy to maintain.  And due to its unique design, it has the high precision. You just need five steps to assemble its anti-backlash nut. In order to meet your different needs, MOONS’ offers several kinds of nuts. For more information, please visit our website.